Free Will - A Testable Hypothesis

Free will is not about control. It is about influence. The conscious mind cannot necessarily control everything (or much of anything).

Modern Computing is NOT Good at Executing Programs

The Von-Neumann architecture is designed for single program execution. Turing machines are conceptually single-program designed.

Simulation Save State

I used to believe that the simulation hypothesis of our Universe was possible but rather silly.


Contemplating on bothering to develop my Haskell skills or not [0], I decided to write this post instead.

Neuralink is the Right Direction

A few thoughts after watching the Neuralink 2020 progress presentation and reading a few articles on it .

AI Timelines Should Be Sped Up

Response to this blog post -- tldr: "GPT-3 made me ever so slightly more optimistic and simultaneously uncertain about my previous AGI timeline predictions -- b/c it could be used to make better tools".

The Skills Poor Programmers Need

This entire post is a retort to a blog post that can be found here: https://justinmeiners.

The Algebra of Slices in Go

Slices are common place in Go code, but they can be a stubborn topic as they are Go's "replacement" for dealing with arrays.